Arut-perun-jyothi   Arut-perun-jyothi

Thanip-perung-karunai   Arut-perun-jyothi

Pilgrimage to Vadalur



O people of the world, do come to Vadalur to receive the blessings of the Supreme-Grace-Light!


Places to Visit in Vadalur


Vadalur is situated before Neyveli (the place of generating electricity and lignite coal mines) in the Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, a southern state in India. The distance from Chennai to Vadalur (via Tindivanam, Villupuram or Vikkiravandi, Panrutti) is about 200 km towards south, from Puducherry (Pondicherry, Union Territory) to Vadalur (via Cuddalore) is about 60 km towards south and from Chidambaram (the temple of Thillai Natarajar – the Lord Shiva temple) to Vadalur is about 25 km towards north.


East of Vadalur is Cuddalore

West of Vadalur is Virudhasalam

North of Vadalur is Panrutti

South of Vadalur is Chidambaram


The places to visit at Vadalur:


1. Sathya Jnana Sabhai – the Gnostic Centre – the Sanctuary of the Supreme-Grace-Light

2. Dharmasalai – the Sanctuary of Dharma – a holy place of free food offering

3. Metukkuppam – the Sanctuary of Siddhis – Siddhi Valaagam, the Holy Room of Vallalar

4. Theenj Suvai Neeroodai – the Holy Sweet Stream

5. Karungkuzhi – the Vallalar Illam – the Holy House where the earthen lamp light was on with water instead of oil

6. Marudhur – Vallalar Pirantha Veedu, the Birthplace of Vallalar


Vallalar established Dharmasalai and Sathya Jnana Sabhai in Vadalur, it is located in the village Parvathipuram in Vadalur, and Vallalar calls this place as Uthtra Jnana Chidambaram. Vallalar lived in Dharmasalai for sometime. Before coming to Dharmasalai Vallalar lived in Karungkuzhi where he started Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangham and finally from Dharmasalai shifted to Metukkuppam where he with his deathless body become omnipresence.


Vadalur: Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Jnana Sabhai   (1872)



The Sathya Jnana Sabhai is the unique Sanctuary in the world for the worship of the Supreme Divine. The deathless divine master Ramalinga Vallalar with the Supreme Will built this Sanctuary in the year 1872 and named it Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Jnana Sabhai. Sathya Jnana Sabhai means the Gnostic Centre of the Supreme Truth (the divine Truth-Consciousness) and it is the Sanctuary of Light for the adoration and worship of the Arut-perun-jyothi Aandavar (means the Divine Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light). The Sathya Jnana Sabhai is an octagonal shape shrine facing south direction. The long chain around the Sathya Jnana Sabhai is made of iron metal that is not rusted till date. The metal rings have two holes and they are connected together in a line as if a single mould and it is said that it signifies the two nostrils of nose through which human beings breathes. The first Jyothi Darshan took place on the Thai Poosam – 25 January 1872.


The Jyothi Darshan takes place in Sathya Jnana Sabhai on every Poosam days. What is Poosam? Poosam is a star name. Poosam is a propitious star and it is one of the brightest stars. There are total seven veils before the Jyothi (the Light), the veils are unveiled during the Jyothi Darshan (6 veils are unveiled during the monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan and all seven veils are unveiled during the Thai Poosam (Thai is the name of the Tamil month and Thai Poosam comes either in January or February). These veils represent the mayas – the illusions blocking the radiance of the Soul, the Self-Light as well as the Supreme-Grace-Light. These veils are as follows:


1. Black colour veil – signifies Mamayai (Maya Saththi, Asuddha Maya Saththi)

2. Blue colour veil – signifies Aaruyir (Suddhaa Suddha Maya Saththi)

3. Green colour veil – signifies Paraveli (Kiriya Saththi)

4. Red colour veil – signifies Chithuru Veli (Para Saththi)

5. Golden colour veil – signifies Poruluru Veli (Iccha Saththi)

6. White colour veil – signifies Meipathi Veli (Jnana Saththi)

7. Mixed coloured veil – signifies Karudhu Anupavam (Adhi Saththi)


The significance of Sathya Jnana Sabhai is to lead us to realise the Self-Light within us as well as the Supreme-Grace-Light in the Supreme Abode above (the Transcendental Plane) and everywhere – the realisation of the Supreme-Grace-Light within and without. Here in this Jnana Sabhai a lot of divine miracles and wonders would take place according to Vallalar. Here one would get enlightenment and all Siddhis (perfection, transformation and oneness), therefore, Vallalar also calls this holy place as a Siddhipuram – the Sanctuary of Siddhis.


Vallalar has advised people who take non-vegetarian food and kill living beings to avoid entering the Jnana Sabhai. One should follow Jeevakaarunyam and also other spiritual disciplines (Indhiriya, Karana, Aanma and Jiva Ozhukkam) to go inside the Sathya Jnana Sabhai. The rules of Sathya Jnana Sabhai must be followed and the sanctity of the Sathya Jnana Sabhai should be maintained. This Sanctuary would help everyone to receive the Arulamudham – the nectar of the Grace and Arutsaththi – the Grace Power and the Grace-Light if each and every one who goes there maintains discipline and silence and open to the Arutperunjyothi with adoration. Vallalar calls all to receive the Grace-Light, how wonderful it would be to heed the great call. Vallalar says that those who come to Vadalur may get good boons. Get a great boon and have a Supernal Life.


Those who come to Vadalur may get good boons! − Vallalar



Jyothi Darshan in Sathya Jnana Sabhai, Vadalur on Poosam Days


Every month on the propitious Poosam Day (actually the Poosam Star comes once in 27 days cycle according to Tamil calendar), the Jyothi (the Light) is shown by unveiling 6 veils between 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM approximately (In this 1 hour, 3 times the Jyothi (the Light) is shown – each time 15 minutes approximately and 5 minutes pause will be there in between the Jyothi Darshan). Note the last veil ― the seventh one remains there covering the one third of the portion from the top approximately. On Poosam days, hundreds and thousands of devotees come to Vadalur to have the Jyothi Darshan in Sathya Jnana Sabhai.


Thai Poosam is the biggest festival in Vadalur. The most auspicious day is Thai Poosam, on the Thai Poosam Day (once in a year, in the Tamil month of Thai that comes in January or February), in the Sathya Jnana Sabhai, the Jyothi (the Light) is shown by unveiling all the 7 veils at 6 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 7 PM, 10 PM and the next day 6 AM – each time the Jyothi (the Light) is shown for about 1 hour. (In this 1 hour, 3 times the Jyothi (the Light) is shown – each time 15 minutes approximately and 5 minutes pause will be there in between the Jyothi Darshan). On Thai Poosam, very great numbers of devotees (several lakhs of people) visit – Vadalur is thronged with people.


Come to Vadalur to have the Jyothi Darshan. During the Jyothi Darshan, avoid talking and socialising. Do concentrate only on the Jyothi Darshan – it is time for prayer and worship and glorification of the Arutperunjyothi Almighty. Have Jyothi Darshan and carry with you the supernal blessings of Vallalar and the Grace-Light of the Arutperunjyothi Almighty.



Daily Poojai in Sathya Jnana Sabhai, Vadalur


The daily pooja is performed in the Sathya Jnana Sabhai. There another small earthen oil lamp is kept before the veils for worship. (NB: The Darshan of the Jyothi behind the veils is only on the Poosam days.)


Daily Poojai Time: 11.30 AM to 12 Noon, and 7.30 PM to 8 PM


Jyothi Darshan in Sathya Jnana Sabhai, Vadalur

on the propitious Poosam Days

and the important days in Vadalur ─2021-2022





27 April 2023 Thursday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
24 May 2023 Wednesday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
25 May 2023 Thursday Dharmasalai Anniversary Day —— Sanmarga Flag Hoisting at 7.30 am
21 June 2023 Wednesday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
18 July 2023 Tuesday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
14 August 2023 Monday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
11 September 2023 Monday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
05 October 2023* Thursday The Advent of Vallalar (200th Birth Anniversary of Vallalar)
Thiruarutprakasa Vallalar was born on 5th October 1823
Arutperunjyothi Agaval Recitation at Dharmasalai at 5 am
Sanmarga Flag Hoisting at 7.30 am, at Dharmasala
Special Worship at Sathya Jnana Sabhai at 9am
08 October 2023 Sunday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
24 October 2023 Tuesday Sanmarga Flag Hoisting Day at Siddhi Valaagam-Time 7.30 am
04 November 2023 Saturday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
01 December 2023 Friday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
29 December 2023 Friday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
24 January 2024 Wednesday Sanmarga Flag Hoisting for Thai Poosam Festival in the Morning
25 January 2024 Thursday Thai Poosam Jyothi Darshan
Yearly once, the most auspicious day, the biggest festival
Time 6 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 7 PM, 10 PM & the next day 5.30 AM
27 January 2024 Saturday Darshan of the Holy Room of Vallalar at Siddhi Valaagam
Only the front view of the Holy Room — Time 12 noon to 6 pm
21 February 2024 Wednesday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm
20 March 2024 Wednesday Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan — Time 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm


NB: Monthly Poosam Jyothi Darshan mentioned above is according to the Tamil Calendar and therefore, sometimes, Poosam may come twice in an English month.

*Vallalar's birth anniversary is on 05 October according to Gregorian calendar system, and 15 October 2023 ( this year) according to Tamil month (Purataci) and star (Chiththirai). 



Vadalur: Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Dharmasalai  (1867)



The Dharmasalai is the Sanctuary of Jeevakaarunyam. Dharmasalai means a place for free offering, especially food to the needy. Vallalar with the Supreme Will started Dharmasalai in the year 1867 and named it Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Dharmasalai. Since 1867, the holy Anaiya Aduppu (the holy ever-on-stove) in the Dharmasalai kitchen is incessantly on, that is the miracle of the Divine Grace and the Will of Vallalar. The food is cooked on this holy Anaiya Aduppu (the firewood stove, the fire is ever on – the embers glow on always!). Free vegetarian food is served three times a day to the poor and destitute people including children, aged, the sick, and also to visitors.


Those who are awakened in their consciousness feel the Divine Presence and the radiance of the supreme Grace-Light in the Sanctuary! An opening may come to those who visit Dharmasalai and they would feel the psychic compassion and the need and importance of Jeevakaarunya discipline. Jeevakaarunyam is a basic necessity for the transformation of world, for Jeevakaarunyam receives the transforming Supreme-Grace-Light from the Supreme Divine Arutperunjyothi. Offering free food to the needy (starving people) and not killing the living beings are basic steps in the Jeevakaarunyam. This Dharmasalai stands as an example of Jeevakaarunyam.


Jeevakaarunyam is the way to worship the Divine; Jeevakaarunyam is the way to receive the Grace-Light; Jeevakaarunyam is the key to open the house of Supernal Bliss.  Thus says Vallalar


It is the Divine Blessings to get a chance to offer volunteering service in the Dharmasalai.  Sanmarga Anbarkal & Sadhaks should offer volunteering service with at most care and compassion and receive the Arulamudham – the nectar of the Grace.


Vallalar lived in the Dharmasalai, Vadalur from 1867 to 1870 (Vallalar’s age 44-47). In the Dharmasalai facing south, Vallalar’s silvery image is there in the middle and on the right side (viewers side) Anaiya Vilakku, the Jyothi (the Light) of the oil earthen-lamp is there, and the holy Lamp is ever on since 1867 and on the left side (viewers side) Vallalar’s original hand written notebook of Arutperunjyothi Agaval is on the display.


Aaru Kaala Poojai (6 time Pooja) is performed daily in the Dharmasalai

at 5 AM, 6 AM, 12 Noon, 4 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM


Metukuppam: Siddhi Valaagam – the Sanctuary of Siddhis

(Metukuppam is 7 km from Vadalur and 3 km short-cut road from Sathya Jnana Sabhai)



Vallalar lived in this holy place from 1870 to 1874 (Vallalar’s age 47-51). Vallalar named this holy place Siddhi Valaagam. The Siddhi Valaagam is the Sanctuary of Siddhis. Siddhi means perfection – also it denotes transformation and oneness, and a power to perform a function of the Divine. Vallalar says that here in this Siddhi Valaagam one would get the Supreme Help, which is greater than any help that one can receive from parents, siblings, preceptor, kith and kin or anyone else.


Vallalar has realised the triple transformation of the body – Suddha Pranava Jnana Deham (the Pure Gnostic Body of the Supreme-Grace-Light – the Golden Body), and attained the Deathlessness (conquered death). He lived physically many years in the transformed Deathless Body of Supreme-Grace-Light embodying and expressing the Truth-Consciousness and the Supreme-Grace-Light. Vallalar went inside the room at midnight on 30 January 1874, and thereafter the miraculous disappearance of Vallalar took place as the Supreme Lord willed – the mystical event in the hour of God. Vallalar did not die! When the room was opened his physical body could not be seen – perhaps by the ignorant eyes or the Divine conceals the deathless form – the transformed physical body of Vallalar! Vallalar’s whole being including the body become the Infinite Existence of the Divine and Vallalar keeps manifesting as the Supreme-Grace-Light – the glorious manifestation of the Eternal. It is said that Vallalar told the disciples who gathered in Siddhi Valaagam just before going into the Holy Room and the hour of God, the following divine utterance: “Hereafter I would be everywhere” – the one who become everywhere – merged one with the Spirit in all living beings and the Spirit-Light that pervades everywhere – the omnipresence, the eternal Presence everywhere!


Vallalar leads all beings to live a Supernal Life blissfully. May all the beings be eternally grateful to Vallalar for the Divine Work – the Divine Force that helps to grow into the Supernal Life – the Greater Life or Gnostic Life of the Divine in a deathless body – that is the Divine Help, that is the Supreme Grace for all.


Vallalar has kept the oil earthen-lamp in the Siddhi Valaagam facing south and asked people to pray to the Jyothi (the Light) and ardently adore the Arutperunjothi Aandavar (the Lord of the Supreme-Grace-Light) and sincerely aspire to the blissful Supernal Life in a Deathless Body of the Supreme-Grace-Light.  Ever since 1873, the Jyothi (the Light) of the oil earthen-lamp in the Siddhi Valaagam is on continuously – the Ever-On-Light is called the Anaiya Jyothi in Tamil and Akand Deep in Sanskrit/Hindi.


Vallalar’s Thiru Arai Dharisanam

(The Darshan of the Holy Room of Vallalar)


Vallalar’s Presence is there in this Holy Room as the manifestation of the Supreme-Grace-Light. Once in a year, on the third day from the Thai Poosam, the Holy Room Darshan (the Door Darshan of the Holy Room – the front view) takes place from 12 noon to 6 pm. (the window of the room in front of the Holy Room opens after 12 noon, and through the window the Holy Room (Door) is seen)


Karungkuzhi:  Thanneeril Vilakku Yerindha Illam. Vallalar lived 9 years in this holy place from 1858 to 1867 (Vallalar’s age 35-44). Vallalar came to Karungkuzhi after shifting from Chennai and started living there. Vallalar established Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangham (a new world order of the Divine) from here in the year 1865.  In this place a miracle took place – a Lamp was on with water instead of oil! Karungkuzhi is about 1-1½ km from Metukkuppam.



Theensuvai Neeroodai (Luscious Stream) 

at Mètukkuppam (in between Metukkuppam and Karungkuzhi)

This is a holy luscious stream. It is said that this small stream (may be 100-125 meters long and neck deep stream) once got dried and Vallalar pulled the small stick across the soil to give it a divine touch, thereafter the water in the stream never dried! The water in the stream is tasty hence the name Theen Suvai Neeroodai. This holy water preserved over a long period in a can or a bottle never gets spoiled!



Marudhur : Vallalar Pirantha Veedu – the birthplace of Ramalinga Vallalar. Vallalar was born on 05 October 1823 in Marudhur village. He lived here for a few months only. Soon after his father’s demise (Vallalar was five months old when his father passed away), the family had shifted to Ponneri Chinnakavanam (Vallalar mother’s native place near Chennai and after a year or two shifted to Chennai city. Vallalar lived in Chennai till the year 1858 – till the age of 35).  Marudhur is about 11 km from Vadalur towards south. Also Marudhur is connected to Chidambaram by road.



The establishments and places of Vallalar mentioned below are looked after by an organisation called Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam and this organisation is a Government Undertaking organisation – comes under the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (Hindu Samaya Aranilaiya Thurai) of the Government of Tamilnadu State, India. All offerings and donations to Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam should be given to the Office of Thiru Autprakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam, Vadalur.


Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Dharmasalai at Vadalur

Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Jnana Sabhai at Vadalur

Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangham at Vadalur

Siddhi Valaagam at Metukkuppam

Karungkuzhi Vallalar Illam–Thanneeril Vilakku Yerindha Illam (the house where the Lamp was on with water!) and also the birthplace of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangham at Karungkuzhi

Marudhur Vallalar Pirantha Veedu, the birthplace of Vallalar at Marudhur

Theensuvai Neeroodai ­– the holy sweet stream at Metukkuppam


It is a Divine Call – it is a divine blessing to get a chance to offer one’s service to the Divine Cause, offer your volunteering service at Vadalur and receive Vallalar’s supernal blessings and good boons from the Divine – the Arutperunjyothi Almighty!


Those who come to Vadalur may get good boons! − Vallalar


Keep coming to Vadalur and receive the blessings and the Arulamudham – the nectar of the Grace, Arutsaththi – the Divine Power/Force and Aruloli – the Grace-Light of Vallalar and Arutperunjyothi Almighty.


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